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Sweet Sexteen Volume 2

But it on DVD

"Untapped talent & amorous auditions yield frame after frame of intense action" -- Cinema X Magazine

"Raw and filmed the way classic amateur footage should be shot!" -- Eros Magazine

"These chicks give it their all in an era that knows no shame. Superb!" -- Screw

"This is some naughty stuff - filled with tasty new faces" -- Huslter

Starring a cast of unbelievably hot, undiscovered classic female adult starlets who pair up with Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Dan T. Mann, Johnny Hardon and more. Sweet Sexteen Volume 2 displays a goldmine of authentic, amorous auditions and first time performances from some of the classic women on the blue screen, who dazzle us in this second volume of classic raunch

Starring:Dan T. Mann, Don Fernando, Hershel Savage, Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger
But it on DVD

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