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Debbie Does Dallas

But it on DVD
Year: 1978

Debbie Does Dallas - The Original - Starring Bambi Woods

One of the most popular adult films of all time, complete with its own 1970's soundtrack!

The Story:
Debbie (Bambi Woods) and her young cheerleader friends (portrayed by then-fresh new faces: Arcadia Lake & Misty Winter) are faced with a dilemma. Debbie's vibrant sensuality has earned her a coveted place with the "Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders". A trip to Dallas is expensive however, and college students don't often have that kind of money. As the action moves to the showers, a plan is formed...

Plot Synopsis (From IMDB)
A group of high school cheerleaders, led by Debbie Benton, are practicing their routine while their schools football team also practices. After doing one routine, they break to congratulate Debbie on her invitation to join the cheerleading squad of a professional team in Texas (the "Cowgirls") and ask her when she's leaving. Debbie explains that there's a problem her parents disapprove of her career choice, and have told her that if she's going to go to Dallas, she has to pay her own way. Lisa says that if she'd won, her folks would be all for it, but Donna cattily reminds her that she didn't win. Tammy asks Debbie what she's going to do, and Debbie states that she plans to raise the money in the two weeks before she has to leave. Annie notes that two weeks isn't really enough time to do so. Rikki states that they'll just have to think of something.

The cheerleaders head off the field, talking amongst themselves, and arrive in the locker room. (A girl whose name is never revealed is also there and heads for the showers as they arrive.) Debbie expresses her own doubts about the prospect of raising the money in just two weeks as she pulls off her shirt. Tammy suggests that the team help her out, while Lisa goes further and proposes that the team raise a lot of money so that they can go to Texas with Debbie. This notion is greeted with great enthusiasm. Debbie takes charge, saying that they need to get part-time and weekend jobs. Everyone has ideas for the sorts of jobs that they can do. As the girls shower, they decide to form a company called Teen Services, so that they can advertise. Donna realizes that since they don't have a lot of time, they can't afford to spend any of it on dates. Debbie hopes that the guys will just understand, and suggests that they not tell them whats going on.

Some of the girls head out to find their jobs. Tammy looks in on a bookstore with a help-wanted sign, where Tony is working. He asks her if she has any experience. She tells him that she worked at a flower shop last summer, but that the owner got a little fresh and so she quit. Tony notes that she's cute and that she can't blame the guy for trying. Tammy admits that she might have been hasty in quitting. Tony smiles and says that they can work something out, and gives her the job.

Meanwhile, Debbie heads into a sporting goods store and approaches the manager, Mr. Greenfield. She basically begs him for a job. Mr. Greenfield's mind is filled with fantasies of watching Debbie undress, and he immediately offers her a job. Naively, she asks him what sort of job he has in mind, and he fantasizes about himself wearing a football jersey while Debbie lies topless on the floor. In the real world, he tells her that she'd be general help. Debbie agrees, but warns him that she's a bit clumsy. She thanks him profusely and leaves.

Roberta, wearing her cheerleading uniform, is walking down the street when she meets up with Mr. Hardwick, who offers to accompany her part of the way. He asks her what she's up to these days, and she tells him about the teams plans to find any job they can get so as to raise money for their trip to Texas. He offers her the opportunity to make some money by helping him and Mrs. Hardwick at their candle shop. She's very grateful, and asks what she can do to repay him. Smiling, he says they'll think of something.

The girls practice their cheers again while the guys practice their game. Tammy asks Lisa why she doesn't wear underwear. Lisa begins advocating nudism, much to Annie's annoyance. Debbie proclaims that she got a job, and the others also describe their new found jobs. Then they start practicing their cheers again.

Meanwhile, the football players are also in a huddle. Tim, Donna's boyfriend, says that the girls are serious about not dating them. One of the guys complains that he doesn't see how them raising money has anything to do with not seeing them. Rick, Debbie's boyfriend, explains that most of the time when the girls will be working is also the time when they could be seeing the guys. Tim still isn't happy about it, Rick claims that it's all to boost Debbie's morale, while another guy says that it's not her morale that he finds interesting. Rick finally agrees to talk to Debbie about it, before they adjourn to play ball.

The girls are getting dressed in the locker room, while Roberta and Pat are in the showers. After all the other girls have left, Rick, Tim and two other guys come in, and begin kissing and caressing them. Donna begins performing oral sex on one of the guys, as does Pat, before they both begin having sex. At one point, Roberta is having sex with one of the guys while performing oral sex on another one.

A montage of scenes of the girls at work is shown, along with another one of Mr. Greenfield's fantasies. In fact, all of the girls have attracted male attention at work.

Debbie is still working for Mr. Greenfield, who informs her that it's closing time. She reminds him that she's been working for him for three days, that she still hasn't worked in the stockroom yet, and that she really needs the money. He tells her that there are other jobs that can be done which would be much more fun. She asks him what he means by that, and Mr. Greenfield says that she could do him little favors. Starting to sound suspicious, Debbie asks him what kind of favors. After he stammers a bit, he blurts that hell pay her ten dollars if shell let him look at her breasts. She's shocked and refuses, as she's a good girl, but he begs and gives her the money in advance. Visibly reluctant, she lifts up her shirt, and he attempts to touch her breasts, prompting her to jerk the shirt down. Mr. Greenfield offers her another ten dollars to let him touch her breasts. She thinks thats going too far, but agrees to let him touch them for a minute. She lifts her shirt again, and he touches them, but she jerks her shirt down again over his hands as he begins to lean close so as to lick her breasts. He offers her another ten dollars to let him suck on them. Debbie asks him if hell give her twenty dollars to do so. He agrees, and lets her take the money from his pocket as his hands are otherwise occupied. After a moment of him suckling on her breasts, she tells him to stop or shell tell her mother. Mr. Greenfield backs off.

In the locker room, the girls are depressed over their lack of success in raising money, and the fact that they're being subjected to lecherous attention, when Debbie arrives with her earnings. They're all startled by how much money Debbie has brought in, and ask her what she's doing that they aren't. She pulls off her shirt and exposes her recently suckled breasts, telling them about Mr. Greenfield's activities, and emphasizes that she drew the line at a certain point. Tammy asks how she proposes that they stop the guys from going further, and Roberta agrees that she doesn't feel optimistic about telling Mr. Hardwick to stop. Debbie points out that there's a lot of money that can be made, and that they don't have to do anything that they wouldn't do with their boyfriends and points out that they're all still virgins. Annie snidely comments that she's not so sure about Roberta's virginity, since she saw her sneaking her boyfriend into the locker room. Debbie interrupts and says that if Roberta isn't a virgin, that just means that she has things that she can teach them, and that there are men willing to pay for fun with them on their terms. Annie offers to teach them how to perform oral sex using a banana as a tool.

Later, Roberta is at work in the candle store when she gets a phone call from her boyfriend, Tom. She tells him that he's not supposed to call her at work, but gets aroused talking to him, rubbing her breasts. After hanging up, she's still aroused, and so she takes off her shorts and starts to masturbate, eventually using one of the candles to do so. She's interrupted by Mrs. Hardwick as she's reaching climax, though the older woman seems more amused than upset. Mrs. Hardwick guides Roberta over to a couch and sits down beside her, trying to calm her down and stop her from getting dressed again. She also caresses Roberta's body, but is interrupted in whatever she was planning when Mr. Hardwick arrives. Roberta tries to leave again, but is sat down between the two of them. Mr. Hardwick reminds her that he told her that she could earn some extra money with a special job, and begins to undress while his wife starts to caress Roberta's vagina. Mr. Hardwick starts having sex with Roberta while Mrs. Hardwick pulls her own dress aside so that she can masturbate while watching this. She also licks at Roberta's breasts and caresses the other girls vagina while Roberta continues to have sex with Mr. Hardwick. When Mr. Hardwick achieveexs climax, she assists him in ejaculating on Roberta's feet and licks it up.

On a rainy day, Rikki and Annie head for Mr. Bradley's house to offer to wash his car. He's not home, so they decide to wash the car anyway, and fool around by spraying and splashing each other while they do. When Mr. Bradley comes home, he asks them what they think they're doing, and brings them inside his house to change into dry clothes. Rikki asks if there's anything else that he wants them to do for him, and while he confirms that there is, he doesn't think they'd know about it. Annie suggests that he'd be surprised at what they know, and Rikki says that they do more than wash cars. Now he doesn't think that they'd be interested in doing what he has in mind, but they disagree again. He doesn't think they're serious, and they say that they are. He asks whether they'd tell anyone, and they promise that they wouldn't. Finally, Mr. Bradley asks how much it would cost to have them undress in front of him, and they offer to do it for ten dollars. They proceed to do it, stripping off their wet clothes and then starting to head upstairs. He asks them to stop, and offers to pay them twenty-five dollars if they'll let him kiss them all over. They agree, and sit down on a couch. He begins to kiss and caress Annie's breasts, and then moves onto Rikki's as well, before coming back to Annie and kissing her stomach. He then performs oral sex on both of them. Rikki undoes his pants and performs oral sex on him, bringing Annie down to join her in doing so. Mr. Bradley then has anal sex with Annie. After he climaxes, Rikki licks it from Annie's back. Afterward, he thinks he hears his wife arriving, and Rikki and Annie flee upstairs.

Donna is going to her job at the library, when Tim comes up to her and asks her when he can see her again. She kisses him and asks him to call her later that night, after her other job. In the library, she greets Mr. Biddle, who clearly has a lecherous interest in her. He tells her that he's heard about Teen Services, and asks her how the company's progressing towards their goals. She makes a double entendre about them, and hints that the company has made some new services available. When he asks about them, Donna tells him that this isn't really the place to talk about them. He heads off to the office and asks her to keep an eye on things here. At this point, Tim arrives and begins caressing her very vigorously, telling her that he's going crazy with arousal. She offers to show him what her girlfriends have shown her, and begins performing oral sex on him. After he achieves climax, Mr. Biddle returns and angrily throws Tim out, then orders Donna to accompany him to his office. There, Donna weepingly begs him not to tell her parents, and he agrees to not tell them, but tells her that she needs a good spanking. He bends her over his lap and begins slapping her bottom, interrogating her about the sort of services that Teen Services is providing. She finally tells him that they'll do anything that a client likes, and offers to do the same for him. He wants to pull up her skirt, pull down her panties and spank her bare bottom, and she agrees to let him do so, leaving the question of payment to his discretion. He does what he wanted to do, while she begs him not to hurt her in apparently feigned fear. Later, Donna comes out of the library to meet Tim, telling him that she worked things out with Mr. Biddle.

At the tennis court where Lisa works, Hamilton, who had earlier seemed interested in her, is playing tennis with Ashly, another man, whom he tells about Lisa, describing her as a girl who's up for anything. Ashly seems uncertain, but Hamilton talks him into it. Lisa brings out towels to them, and Hamilton asks her to bring her a clipboard, an act that exposes the fact that she's not wearing panties to both of them. Hamilton introduces Lisa to Ashly, and Ashly asks about the sorts of services that Lisa and her friends provide, specifically whether there's anything that they don't do. Lisa answers that anything they don't do, they make up for with enthusiasm. Hamilton asks her to bring them some fresh towels in the locker room. In the next scene, Lisa is in a sauna, seated between a naked Hamilton and Ashly. Hamilton removes her dress, and Lisa begins performing oral sex on him while Ashly has sex with her.

At the sporting goods store, Mr. Greenfield approaches Debbie and begins caressing her, telling her that he's desperate to do more with her. Debbie tells him that the girls promised that they wouldn't spoil themselves for their future husbands, which prompts him to tell her that there are things they can do that wouldn't spoil her. She speculates that maybe one of the other girls would be able to things with him, but he doesn't want any of the other girls. He offers to put up all the money for her trip to Texas, as well as cover whatever expenses for the other girls that haven't already been met. Debbie is ecstatic, but she does wonder what she's supposed to do. Mr. Greenfield tells her that it'll be a surprise.

Lisa answers a phone call from an oddly situated telephone at the tennis court (on the court itself) and hears from Tammy. She reassures Tammy who seems nervous about something, and then agrees to come down and help her out.

At the book store, Tammy is with Tony, who asks her how their project is going. Tammy tells him that the other girls are doing well, but that she is trailing behind. When he asks her why, she claims that she needs more time. Then Lisa shows up and explains that she's with Teen Services as well, and that she understands Tony is interested in what they have to offer. Lisa makes it clear that he can have anything, and begins kissing him as he sends Tammy to lock up. Tony licks her breasts and removes her skirt, while she takes off his pants and begins performing oral sex on him. When Tammy comes back, she hesitates a moment, and then joins in on the oral sex.

Debbie, dressed in her "Cowgirl" uniform, returns to the sporting goods store. Mr. Greenfield, speaking over a loudspeaker, tells her to lock up and then come up to the mezzanine level. She does so, wondering aloud what the surprise is going to be. He comes out wearing the football uniform that he wore in his fantasies and with his erection exposed. He chases a laughing Debbie around the store. When he finally catches her, he explains that while he wanted to be a football player, but he was too small. He's always dreamed of making love to a cheerleader. He kisses her passionately, and begins to undress her by undoing her bra and licking her breasts. Debbie performs oral sex on him, asking him if she's doing it right. She takes his pants down, and he removes her shorts and performs oral sex on her. Mr. Greenfield carries her over to a mat, with Debbie surprised at how strong he is. (He attributes it to eating his Wheaties.) They then have sex in a variety of positions. At climax, captions proclaim "Touchdown for Mr. Greenfield" and "Score One for Debbie". Debbie's head lolls in exhaustion, and another caption says, "Next" before credits roll.

History & Accolades
Shot in 1978 on 35mm film. Check out the film that won Hustlers Highest Rating, and see why this hit is the one of the top selling adult films of ALL TIME! For more information on the history of Debbie Does Dallas, please check out the wikipedia article.
Starring:Arcadia Lake, Bambi Woods, Ben Pierce, Christie Ford, David Morris, David Pierce, Eric Edwards, Georgette Saunders, Hershel Savage, Jack Teague, Jenny Cole, Kasey Rodgers, Merle Michaels, Peter Lerman, R Bolla, Rikki O'Neal, Robin Byrd, Steve Marshall, Tony Mansfield
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