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Directed by the multi-talented Svetlana, this playful tale involves two lowly gas pump attendants (including Jamie Gill
800 Fantasy Lane
Your Erotic Fantasies Never Went So Far!!!
9 Lives Of A Wet Pussycat
Year: 1984
Busty, Lusty, Sexy, Zany ...Great!
A Little Bit Of Hanky Panky
Lord Farthingay is 
coming to tea.  His hostess’ butler resorts to the yellow pages to hire 
appropriate entertainmen
Afternoon Tease
Year: 1977 
Senator Frank Parsons' campaign is such a busy, time consuming endeavor,
All The Senator's Girls
After his wife, played by the legendary Georgina Spelvin, interrupts his work at the typewriter, she and her novelist h
All The Way
Year: 1986 

Follow the action as the legendary Harry Reems and his two beautiful 
co-stars Gail Force and

Preston has a hard time convincing his wife Anita about engaging in 
other types of lovemaking... She feels that h
Analyst, The
Beautiful nymphettes Gloria & Eve are tired of selfish men leaving 
them bored and unsatisfied.  They make a p
And Then Came Eve
Randy, a gorgeous, but 
precocious teenage girl, lies in bed reading an erotic book while 
listening to her young mot
Angel Above and The Devil Below
Year: 1982 

A sexy caper with suspense, pizazz and comedy: Seka plays a not so dumb 
Any Time, Any Place
For Rent
Please call Apartment Girls ...for a good time.
Apartment Girls
After screwing the wrong girl, Henry is forced to jump out of a two 
story window to escape a jealous husband’s vengea
April Love
Year: 1975 
In one of his worldwide tours, John Holmes is followed by some of h
Around the World With John Holmes

Take one, Take TWO!!!
Arrange them any way you like!
The b
Arrangement, The
Your AUNT was NEVER like this!
Peg Norton is a gorgeous, high
Aunt Peg
The gorgeously filthy Aunt Peg (Juliet Anderson)
 defines the ultimate MILF - mature in mind, with the lust fueled urg
Aunt Peg Ultimate MILF
Close on the heels of "Aunt Peg", the most overwhelmingly successful erotic film of the year, this continuati
Aunt Peg's Fulfillment
The ultimate hardcore film
Filmed in 1970 by the notorious Am
Year: 1994 

Come to the party as this bachelor gets his final crack at freedo
Bachelors Party
If explicit back door action is what turns you on most, then this sizzler
 is a must for your collection.  Here is an
Backdoor Lust
An explosive and searing expose focusing on the corrupt, sexual 
misconduct of
Bad Company
Year: 1981From the makers of "800 Fantasy Lane", "Sex Boat", "F .
Bad Girls 1
Year: 1984
They teased the pants off an entire town.

Bad Girls 2
Year: 1986
Starring the original Bad Girl Shauna Grant
Bad Girls 4
A provocative look and shocking new facts of the X-rated industry. You be the judg
Behind The Scenes Of An Adult Movie
It’s black &amp; white, in vivid color, with lots of hot pink.  Filled 
with an integrated all-star cast, Cal Vist
Best Of Black White & Pink Inside
Year: 1970's thru 90's 
A new concept comes to adult films - one that record producers ha
Best Of Gail Palmer, The
VCX is "The Home of the Classics" and this first installment of our fab
Best Of Girls With Girls, The - Vol. 01
VCX Classics presents:
The Best Of Girls With Girls 2
VCX, "The Home of the Classics",
Best Of Girls With Girls, The - Vol. 02
Girls With Girls Vol 3
Best Of Girls With Girls, The - Vol. 03
Vintage Holmes!
Classic XXX footage archived from the vaults of VCX&
Best Of John Holmes
Classic XXX footage archived from the vaults of VCX
Best Of John Holmes Vol. 02
Classic XXX footage archived from the vaults of VCX
In this
Best Of John Holmes Vol. 03
Torrid XXX trailers showcasing the very best of our classic adult films!
Part 2 of "
Best Of VCX Classics II, The
Timeless &amp; Tantalizing teaser trailers from our vaults of classic vice!
With a history st
Best Of VCX Classics, The
Take a peek on the inside of the wealthy babes of Beverly Hills, with 
nothing but time and too much money on their ha
Beverly Hills Wives
Year: 1980
A sexy tale of a crooked politician and the characters who surround
Beyond the Blue
Year: 1980 

Set in the early 1930's, The Bite is a colorful parody o
Bite, The
An erotic, sensual, sexual experience you will never forget!
Black Mystique, The
Year: 1979 

Daddy is a businessman who loves to mix business with pleasure. T
Blackmail For Daddy
Year: 1980
Barry Horne (Ron Jeremy)
 has bottled the hottest cologne ever seen
Blonde Next Door, The

Barry Horne (Ron Jeremy) has bottled the hottest cologne ever seen! A few drops sprinkled on and women will do anythi
Blonde Next Door, The (NuTech)
Year: 1980 
Valerie Vincent was Hollywood's reigning blonde sex queen until her 
mysterious and tragic deat
Blonde, The
BLOW HARD is a truly exceptional glimpse inside the emerging sensual 
volcano that was about to explode across America
Blow Hard
Year: 1978
The tale of women whose appetite for sheer and unbridled sex knows n
Blue Heat
Year: 1984
Amber Lynn gives the ultimate Lube Job in.
Body Shop
Year: 1982
Parental disapproval is the biggest obstacle facing Cassie and Mark.
Body Talk
 An unforgettable ride inside the mind of a teenage sex maniac
Bottoms Up
Year: 1984 
Sahara shines as Sugar, an up and coming singer who, along with her 
Brown Sugar
Year: 1980
Service-oriented employees improve their company morale considerably
Business As Usual
Year: 1985
The fun begins when a jewelry salesman reports a large number of 
Cagney & Stacey
Year: 1979 
Palm Springs and Beverly Hills are the locations for these sensual 
California Gigolo
A Totally Tubular T &amp; A Tale!&
California Valley Girls
The film's stormy action revolves around the life and death rivalry between two gangs.  

Call Girl
Year: 1978
This light comedy bounces from one pretty saleswoman to another. Eac
Candi Girl
Year: 1979 
Gail Palmer's thoroughly entertaining sequel to the "Candy" origina
Candy Goes To Hollywood
Year: 1978
Candy Lips is the story of a y
Candy Lips
Year: 1971
Seldom seen Candy Samples
 plays a bordello madam who loves to show
Candy Store
Year: 1978The breathtaking Jennifer West stars in ...
Carnal Fantasies
Year: 1993Finding the filthy footage of Filmdom’s Premiere Femme.
Case Of The Missing Seka Master, The
Year: 1983
Ron Jeremy's directorial debut!!
Casting Couch, The
Year: 1976
During a wedding, we flash back to some of the sexual escapades betw
Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love
Year: 1981 

Charli is a film for lovers.  It is  the story
Year: 1971 
After a hot and heavy coupling with her ex-boyfriend, the King Of Studs,
Year: 1979 
Female truckers in hot pants will give you the ride of you
Cherry Truckers
Year: 1979 
China De Sade is the story of Ming Lee, a luscio
China De Sade
Year: 1976 
Lust is an all consuming passion, especially when caused by magic.  When
China Lust
Year: 1976
"Sensational – A tour de force featuring the sizzling Vanessa d
Come With Me My Love
They rob banks, they 
kill folks, they drink moonshine &amp; then fuck all day and night.  
They live the life. D
Connie & Floyd
Featuring 1985 AVN Best Actress Winner Sheri St.
Corporate Assets
Sweet &amp; Sticky!
Sahara always loved COT
Cotton Candy
Year: 1986

Super-whiz Laura Welton (Joanna Storm) has totally ignored the 
Crazy With The Heat
Year: 1976 

This very erotic sequel to "Shampoo" is about two broth
Cream Rinse
Year: 1986 
Rita is a sex-hungry maniac who cuts a path through hordes of flesh
Crocodile Blondee
Year: 1988 
Crocodile Blondee (Stephanie Rage),
 the Southern carnal cutie, hits the roa
Crocodile Blondee 2
The life of every man is a diary ...
... a diary in which he
Daddy's Darling Daughters
Year: 1981
Have you ever enjoyed your work...really enjoyed your work? If you h
Dancers, The
Her body and life had... Dangerous Curves
Dangerous Curves
Year: 1987
It’s wet, hot lust and these x-rated superstars get into sex-drenche
Dangerous When Wet
Year: 1983 
A look at the sexual experiences of the grownup offspring of the 
Daughters Of Emmanuelle
Dear Fanny answers letters on everyone's favorite subject - SEX.
  From Fanny'
Dear Fanny
Get ready to be incredibly turned on as Samantha Strong carries on the 
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 02
Debbie (Angel) fin
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 1
She’s built…
She’s back…
And she’s hotter
than ev
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 2
Barbara Dare
 is porn’s most wanted beauty.  In one of her sexiest roles as Debbie 
she participates in a television
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 3
Year: 1978
Debbie Does Dallas

"The Most Notorious Porn Film of All Time."<
Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary Edition 2 Disk Set
Year: 1985
Kristara Barrington
 turns in one of her most memorable performance
Deep Chill
Year: 1979 
Shot in 1979, this simple plot revolves around sensational sex.An
Deep Rub
DEEP STROKE takes you inside the sexually explosive underground world of swinging... 70’s style!
Deep Stroke
Year: 1974 
A stylish and very realistic look at one woman’s erotic and true-to
Year: 1993 
A story of a young, sweet innocent girl played by Tiffany Mynx,
 who is hire
Year: 1984
Old Tobias Clark (Herschel Savage)
 hires a psychologist to help hi
"Unique. Surprising. Provocative."
Devil In Miss Jones 40th Anniversary Edition 2 Disk Set
Year: 1972
Devil In Miss Jones, The
Year: 1974 
Cyndie (Cyndie Summers)
 is at college when she learns of the passing of her
Devil's Ecstasy
Year: 1974 
Lucifer narrates this epic and explains how he must come to Earth for 
Devil's Playground, The
Year: 1979
Dirty Western, A
An angelic DOLL FACE Sandy Summers listens as her mother and stepfather,
Doll Face
Year: 1978
A fashion photographer runs into trouble when he meets Annette (Susa
Doogan's Woman
Starring the Young twin sisters &amp; the Hartman twin brothers
Double Your Pleasure
Year: 1984
The World's Sexiest Therapist at Work!
Dr. Ginger - Pretty As You Feel
Year: 1984 
Misty is Woman...Misty is Sex...Misty is...
Misty Banks is a highl
Dreams Of Misty
Year: 1985
The extra-terrestrial tale of an alien in constant orbital orgasmia!
E-Three, The Extra Testicle
It’s more than her name, it’s her way of life.
Year: 1978

Here is your chance to meet the most desirable, voluptuous, hot-blo
Year: 1980
Eleven "11"
Year: 1978
"One of the Best Films ever made in the Classic Era"
Erotic Adventures Of Candy
Hop on the "Erotic Express" with the horniest group of commuters you'll 
ever see. They want nothing more th
Erotic Express
Check out one of the most prolific cocks in porn history, John Leslie, as he pounds away on a few of the hottest pussie
Erotic Fantasies: John Leslie
Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Monique DuPrez and more of the most stunning ladies Cal
Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women
Year: 1977 

Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, Eruption tells the fast-paced 
An Erotic Explosion
Filmed entirely on location in H
Year: 1978
A handsome, well-bred, and well-to-do stud picks up  an unsuspecting
Expensive Tastes
EXPOSE ME NOW tells the story of two brothers, Shane (played by Hershel Savage),
 an oustanding member of proper socie
Expose Me Now
Year: 1983
Sexuality, reality and sensual dreams intermingle and drift through 
Eyes Of A Dreamer
Year: 1980
It’s everything you want!  Have you ever awakened hot, wet and horny
F ...And Lots Of It
Year: 1985
Welcome to the hottest restaurant in town!  At this family-owned din
Family Heat
Bath time for me and Daddy
Brother showing 'lil sis how to suck cock.&l
Family Values (VCX)
Year: 1979
 * * * *    - Hustle
Year: 1975 
Watch out America, the French are coming.

The first to
Felines, The
...It's hidden deep inside the warmest, steamiest, most arousingly intimate treasu
Find Your Love
Year: 1976 
The minute Laura sees the instructor looking at her long erotic legs she
Finishing School
Year: 1989
A delightful trip down the Sapphic highway featuring some of the hot
First Time Lesbians
An intimate look at lesbians in today’s business world.  Flaming Tongues
 erotically explores the inner workings of Vi
Flaming Tongues
Money can't buy you everything, but it sure goes a long way for all the 
fun that one of the richest men in France is
Flesh Fever
Year: 1972 
John Holmes is at his best in this Johnny Wadd detective classic.  A
Flesh Of The Lotus
A backdoor adventure
After enjoying an afternoon delight, Ala
Year: 1975 

Director: Koran

For Love Of Money
Year: 1979 
Georgina Spelvin plays a middle aged divorcee who goes from having
For Richer, For Poorer
Tight young, gorgeous and forbidden.  From their legendary library, VCX 
presents the greatest collection of barely le
Forbidden Lolitas
Year: 1978 
Dorothy LeMay lands a job at the agency, working for a very mysteri
Formal Faucett, A
Year: 1972 
Four very beautiful ladies play pregnant women who visit an abortio
Four Women In Trouble
Ginger &amp; Cliff live in the enviable world of expensive homes, erotic
Foxy Lady
Come! Your on Foxy Lady’s Candid Camera!
1987 AVN Be
Foxy Lady's Candid Camera
Year: 1979 
"The guys back at the house want to live out all their fantasi
Frat House
Year: 1985
Free And Foxy
Year: 1973 
Classic French porn from the `70’s! World class erotica with the
French Fantasies
Year: 1976 
Some tourists come to France for the food, the fine wine, &amp;
French Heat
FRENCH SCHOOL GIRLS brings to life the sexual fantasies of two gorgeous 
ladies as they lay in bed together sharing th
French School Girls
J Angel Martines, the renowned French director of erotic films, has come to this country to make his first American fil
French Teen
Watch our cabinet of classic porn stars show you what the "Bush Doctrine"
Fuck Bush
One of the most acclaimed erotic filmmakers Robert McCallum
 delivers a masterpiece with Garage Girls, a mind-bending,
Garage Girls
Year: 1987 
Debbie, Marcy and Linda are three hot gals who, while sitting aroun
Genie's Dirty Girls
Year: 1979
Julian and Alexandria, two veteran San Francisco sensualists, are in
Getting Off
Gina has a thing for rotten men.  Her current man has a gambling habit, 
and that habit is losing.  When a bad ass pim
Gina - The Foxy Chick
Year: 1988
"Dear Diary, This morning the pictures came back from my summer
Ginger's Hawaiian Scrapbook
Intense Erotic Thriller

Girl Service
Girls in Blue
Girls In Blue 1 & 2
Year: 1988
Girls of Collectors' is the final chapter of the
Girls Of Collectors
Peter North
 has a problem – he wants to throw a graduation party for his girlfriend
 Stephanie, but he doesn’t have
Girls of Treasure Island
Year: 1984 
The Story...

Two investig
Girls On Fire
They go straight for sex

Driven by a budding desire to lose
Girls With Curves
Year: 1979
The finishing school for the up &amp; coming girls!
Good Girls Of Godiva High, The
Year: 1988 
Tajia spends her vacation on the beach, while waiting for her boyfr
Good Morning Taija Rae
Burn is a driver with a passion for fast cars and tight pussy.   He and 
his crew chief argue about where his focus sh
Gran Prix
Year: 1985
AVN &amp; XRCO Hall Of Famer Erica Boyer heads the superb cast i
Grand Opening
After three years in a marriage where the missionary position is the dominant position and cock sucking is out of the q
Grind, The
Year: 1984 
It happens to everybody! There comes a time when young nubile bodie
Growing Up
Year: 1980
Starring Juliet  (Aunt Peg)<
Gypsy Ball, The
Year 1984
Primed in his day for a cavalcade of carnal couplings, the great king
Heat Of The Moment
Year: 1979
The Old West is given a new, erotic lease on life by glorious sevent
Heavenly Desire
They gave a whole new meaning to the Party Line!
Abby gives &
Heavy Breathing
Rhonda is a beautiful and sophisticated woman with a brain that knows 
how to get what she wants.  When she decides to
Here Comes The Bride
Year: 1977 
The only academic program where the homework is pure pleas
High School Bunnies
Year: 1980 
"Annette Haven leads a huge carnal cast in a fun sex
High School Memories
Honey Throat stars the greatest luminaries in a glittering array of sex 
Honey Throat
Filmed in New York under fake names to prevent arrest, notorious director Bob Chinn, a.k.a. Wizard Glick, put together
Honeymooners, The
The late sixties were a tough-and-tender time when many an over-sexed
Hot Buns
Year: 1979 
Two gorgeous girls arrive in the city seeking employment in the fil
Hot Child In The City
Year: 1982 
Hot Dallas Nights...The Real Story
Hot Dallas Nights
Year: 1980 
Hot Legs is the most erotic film Bob Chinn has e
Hot Legs
Year: 1984
Hot Touch is a story for fantasy lovers.
Hot Touch
... This is one campus where getting an "F"
How To Get Ahead
There's just something about older guys and young girls. These little, young deviants have a thing for their step-fathe
I Made Daddy Do It
She’s Tantalizing.
She’s Titillating.
Erica Boyer is…
The Immoral Miss Teeze
Immoral Miss Teeze
Year: 1979 
Young, beautiful and innocent Desiree
 enters the work force but f
Inside Desiree Cousteau
Year: 1973
One year after the blockbuster hit "The Devil In Miss Jones&quo
Inside Georgina Spelvin
Year: 1985 
A very famous trivia game plays a major role in this story about tw
Intimate Couples
Year: 1978
Sex and inheritance problems rule the life of Pam and her husband. I
Island Of Dr. Love
Two young ladies are swept to the Island of Love via a fantasy frolic 
aboard an ocean cruiser.  Upon their arrival th
Island Of Love
Year: 1980
Jackpot is the story of the super rich, indulging
Throughout history, one name, by its very mention, has been able to 
strike fe
No one could cover a face in cum more thoroughly than porn star legend John Holmes.  From Seka and Connie Petersen to D
John Holmes Extreme Facials
It all started with Johnny Wadd, a film shot at a time when pornography was illegal, sex was rampant and rules were obs
Johnny Wadd

The Joy of Fooling Around  ...it's delicious!
Experience the fantasie
Joy Of Fooling Around, The
Year: 1985
Jubilee Of Eroticism, The
How will St. Peter judge your sex life?

Judgement Day
Year: 1976 
A terrific ode to the '70's narcotic/espionage laced thrillers, complete
Kowloon Connection
Year: 1983-1990
Arriving on the porn scene in 1983, Kristara Barrington
Kristara Barrington: Unleashed
Years: 1983-1989
Never one to shy away from any role, Kristara Barrington
Kristara Barrington: Wants It Bad
Year: 1987
An American "EXCESS" Story!
La Boomba
Year: 1981
The action starts in Las Vegas, and moves at a breathtaking pace cle
Las Vegas Lady
Year: 1975
A horny and surprisingly virile senior citizen hires a private eye t
Last Sex Act
Year: 1978
A movie for those who still remember their first time...&l
Legend Of Lady Blue
Featuring the hottest legendary stars :

    Barbara Dare
Legends of Porn Vol 3
Year: 1988
A wacky psychiatrist corrals five of the sexiest adult starlets into
Lesbian Lovers
Year: 1977
It is a sex laced Tobacco Road, a slice of life on the raunch. It is
Liberation Of Honeydoll Jones, The
Year: 1986
Petite and pure sex-driven pixie Bunny Bleu, heads up this torrid pe
Like A Virgin 2
Year: 1975
Mother and daughter are having a grand time living a ménage lifestyl
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Year: 1986
Tammy Lee Curtis &amp; Nikki Charm make this lust filled epic of
Little American Maid
Little Angel Puss is a teenage girl discovering her sexuality, pursuing 
her lustful urges and dealing with the hardsh
Little Angel Puss
Year: 1981
The Little French Maid is...sleazy! Connie, the French maid, is 
Little French Maid
Year: 1977
Little Girls Blue Collectors Edition Box Set
Year: 1977
"Nominated for Best Classic Release" –AV
Little Girls Blue Uncut Edition Part 1
Year: 1983
"Nominated for Best Classic Release" AVN
Little Girls Blue Uncut Edition Part 2
Deftly semantics with semen, Christina DeLongpre owns and operates
Little Girls Talking Dirty
Year: 1980
"Nancy Hoffman’s tour de force"

Little Me And Marla Strangelove
Year: 1979
Persuasive Polecats Bump &amp; Grind...
Live Show, The
Year: 1973
The legendary John Holmes and Bunny Savage
 headline this all star
Lollipop Palace
Year: 1987

Despite the absence of masked men and silver bullets, this hearty,
Long Ranger, The
Year: 1985
The sign on the door reads 'Sexual Therapist - Director of Family
Looking For Love
"Where the Teachers Make the Grades &amp; the Stude
Loose Times At Ridley High
Kay Parker is Lorelei
Lorelei (Kay Parker)
 is a beautiful a
Love Scenes For Loving Couples...Finally, an adult film completely 
designed w
Love Scenes For Loving Couples
Year: 1976
Tracey and her husband Arthur, bored with their sex life, find 
Love Secrets
Super sex star Harry Reems and the incredibly talented Samantha Fox
 (Erotic Film Award Actress of The Year) team up i
Love Syndrome, The
Year: 1978
Actually filmed on location in the crystal waters of the Devils Tria
Lure Of The Triangle
Year: 1985
After a cocktail party, three couples stay on to talk about their
Lust In America
Year: 1985 
Successful sex hound, R.J., gets involved with a disastrous movie 
Lusty Adventurer, The
How’d you like to get into something tight &amp; sexy? Playboy Mark’s 
Lusty Business
Year: 1988
Lana Lite is looking for love in all the right places. Rachel is a l
Luv Game, The
The sex lives of six girls are changed by the
Magic Touch, The
Everybody dreams of ... MAKING IT BIG
Making It Big
Year: 1983
Featuring the Hottest Beauties of Europe
Marianne Bouquet
It's an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, 
most immoral swingers to be found.  And the m
Marina Heat
An obscene telephone call leads a young couple into a world of bizarre 
sex sparked by the mysterious voices on the ot
Melanie's Hot Line
Year: 1975
Satisfying the 'Lactation Nation' two jugs at a time!
Milk Maid, The
Year: 1990If you enjoyed the original "The Mistress"...you are going to
Mistress Vol. 02, The
Karen Richards (Kelly Nichols) works in an architectural firm. Her boss, Carl Reese (Eric Edwards),
 wants her to move
Mistress, The
Year: 1984
California boasts the world’s largest population of beautiful would
Modeling Studio, The
Year: 1985
The Sensational Follow-Up Classic!
More Reel People #2
Year: 1986
"AAAA"  -- Adult Video News
Mouth Watering
There goes the neighborhood!

Moving In
Year: 1983
Bored with their humdrum sex life, a couple go on a carnal cruise ov
Mrs. Smith's Erotic Holiday
She is nineteen, her name is Thomasina, and you’ve never met a girl 
quite like her. She is free, completely uninhibit
Naked Afternoon
Three übersluts take to their favorite bar with every intention of 
spreading their thin legs wide, their pouty lips o
Nasty Girls
She’s Nice... She’s Naughty... She’s a NASTY LADY<
Nasty Lady
Hustler's Highest Rating!
Never So Deep
Year: 1984
From Boredom to Bliss to Sexual Style...
Newcomers, The
In New York City, authorities are shocked to discover an outbreak of 
uncontrolled sexual frenzy brought on by the con
Night Of The Spanish Fly
Year: 1985
When it Gets Dark...
More t
Night Prowlers
An attractive young couple, Nan and Mark, have nothing to do one 
Nostalgia Blue
"The Greatest Blow Jobs Ever Filmed"
Nothing But Head
Year: 1981Nothing To Hide stars erotic film award winners, John Leslie and Richard
Nothing To Hide
Winner of 9 Erotica Awards including Best Picture
Nothing To Hide
Year: 1989
These gals can't keep their fingers or tongues off of each other! A
Nympho Lesbians
Year 1979
Foxy French tart Monique du Pre
 stars in this tantalizing blast for
Object Of Desire
"Graphic, Strong, Sweaty Action"
"Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the battle of Hamburg.  Your 
commanding General has arranged a very sp
Oh Those Nurses
The Sexiest things happen ON WHITE SATIN
On White Satin
Year: 1983

UPTOWN – NEW YORK – An extremely gorgeous secretary gets humped by
Once Upon A Secretary
Jim Holliday’s Adult Video Almanac and Trivia Treasury
From t
Only The Best Book
"Barbara Dare is the last in a short line of women who legitimately 
Only The Best Of Barbara Dare
Here is the collection for top-heavy connoisseurs: Only the Best of 
Breasts.  A sexually nervous America has long res
Only The Best Of Breasts
Europe is notorious for its sexual freedom, uninhibited indulgence and 
voracious appetite for the hedonistic.  The Eu
Only The Best Of Europe
Watch some of the greatest actors and actresses in some of the greatest 
classic scenes to have ever graced the X-rate
Only The Best Of Men's And Women's Fantasies
Only The Best Of Oral is a collection of over 25 beautiful, 
mouth-watering ad
Only The Best Of Oral
If you love women, you'll love this collection of the hottest lesbian 
lust ev
Only The Best Of Women With Women
The ONLY authorized, authentic and accurate series of classic sex scenes from J
Only The Best Vol. 01
The second volume of Jim Holliday's 'Only The Best' series. There's 
Only The Best Vol. 02 - Even Better
Only The Best 3 - Then 'Til Now is a visual mini-history of explici
Only The Best Vol. 03 - Then 'Til Now
Year: 1975
The adventures of a very naughty and mischievous Oriental nymph and
Oriental Kitten
"A film that is the very best ever made."
Other Side Of Julie, The
Year: 1984
The best things about panties is taking them off.
Panty Raid
Pastries is a comedy-farce, coupled with explicit sexual experiences
When a sexually indulgent couple discovers a promiscuous young girl has 
moved in across the courtyard from their bedr
Peek Freak
Deep inside the lustiest ladies everywhere
 is a lewd desire to be seen in the mo
Matt (played by Joey Silvera)  and John (played by Jon Martin) are brothers and want to share almost everything, even t
Perfect Partners
Have you ever answered one of those provocative "personal" ads in your 
favorite sex newspaper?  For instanc
Personal Services
Pet of the Month, Mariwin Roberts, is featured in this Hawai
Pet Of The Month
"One of the greatest productions of the Golden Age!"
Pink Champagne
Year: 1984
Once you enter it.  Your in Paradise!

The sex
Pink Lagoon, The
See "Hustler" centerfold Desiree Coustea
Pizza Girls - Hot & Saucy
Year: 1979
Directed by Navred Reef and showcasing Roger Caine and Zebedy Colt,
Playgirls Of Munich
Petulant Pearl (Amber Lynn)
 is a gold-digging tramp if there ever was one!  While hitchhiking, she 
meets an unattra
Please Don't Stop
PLEASURE MOTEL spies on a seedy highway stop- over where a variety of 
nefarious individuals, including a disillusione
Pleasure Motel
In one of his greatest roles, icon Eric Edwards plays an ex-cop turned opportunist criminal.  With the help of his frie
Pleasure Palace
Year: 1985
Heather Wayne and Herschel Savage are a randy suburban couple who ha
Pleasure Seekers, The
Candida Royalle
 is the only well-known performer in this blue movie
Pony Girls
If practice makes perfect, thes
Practice Makes Perfect
Filmed on location in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands
The hot
Precious Gems
Prisoner of Paradise is part of a new breed of adult films of the 80’
Prisoner Of Paradise
When fantasy and reality come together...<
Private Moments
Year: 1978
A series of highly sexual events unfold in this gritty tale told thr
Prized Possession
There’s something dirty going on at...

The rough life of th
Pussycat Ranch
"You Won't Believe it...Until You See It"
Raincoat Crowd, The
Year: 1977
A bizarre mirror of inner desires...&l
When a sexy motorcycle gang member is accused of ratting out her 
boyfriend to the cops, the gang seeks revenge in a m
Revenge On A Motorcycle Mama
Featuring the "Sexelettes"

    Adonna (Taija Rae)
Rock Hard
Year: 1985
They’ll rub you the right way!!!
Rub Down
Year: 1985
Ariel needs more sexual gratification.  As hard as her husband Paul
Sailing Into Ecstasy
Sally is a seductively erotic madam who maintains a high end stable of 
sexy, hungry men with extreme prowess.  With e
Sally's Palace Of Delight
Don't be misled by the title.  This dark &amp; probing story, shot 
entirely in a lavish 13th century European cas
Samantha & The Deep Throat Girls
For the first time ever, Screw Magazine is available on DVD.
Screw Video Magazine Vol. 1
"Penthouse Magazine cover girl, Brigitte Maier, is even more beautiful
Second Coming Of Eva
He started out with a few strikes against him, but one thing he did have
Secret Of My Sex-cess, The
Year: 1975
...where your most erotic fantasies come true!<
Seduction Of Lacey Bodin, The
John Holmes and Leslie Bovee, star in this unabashed look at what really
Senator's Daughter
A look at what really goes on in Washington!
Senator's Daughter, The
Tina Russell (X Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame Member) leads us through the tumultuously sexy New York City se
Sensuous Vixens
Year: 1981
Christopher Hamilton is a wealthy and arrogant British playboy seeki
Seven Seductions Of Madame Lau, The
Year: 1980
Welcome aboard for the cruise of your life!
Sex Boat
Year: 1980
Where snow jobs take the pole position.

Sex Mountain
While mainstream porn concentrated on pushing the boundaries of 
acceptable film making, a select few broke all the ru
Sex Slaves Of Satan
Satan is back and he’s hungry for more!

Sex Slaves Of Satan 2
An action-packed story of fast women, easy money and all the decadent thrills the gambling world is famous for.  A high
Sex The Hard Way

Filmed in 1976, SEX WISH was born from the
Sex Wish
Year: 1977
Sex World is definitely for adults!
Sex World
Mrs. Seville is a sex therapist who has a strong hold over her latest
From a land far away and a time long ago comes the legend of The Golden Mask, whose wearer
Sexual Power
Year: 1985
Classic 1980’s fare, this lighthearted tale involves a bored married
Sexual Pursuit
On or off duty, these sexy nurses make sure you are sexually healthy!
Sexy Nurses On And Off Duty
A sexual experience you must see to believe!
Joie-De-Vive! Th
Shared With Strangers
Year: 1988
The tragic life of rising adult superstar Shauna Grant
 was cut far
Shauna Grant - The Early Years
Year: 1977
Proving that the chase can be the real prize.
Sheila's Payoff
The film opens with the wild fantasy of beautiful Sherry Stevens who is 
Skin On Skin
Year: 1985
Fly the "Friendly Skies" is more than sufficient in descri
Sky Pies
Serena, Dorothy LeMay, Shirley Wood (Sharon Kane), and Valeri Darlyn
Small Town Girls
The scenes that spawned legends
Every gorgeous p
So You Think You Can FUCK
Three sexy business school graduates want to start a new magazine, 
Soaking Wet
Year: 1975 

Returning from the funeral of her very wealthy and prominent husband, 
Soft Places
Year: 1986
Starring Christy Canyon and Heather Wayne in this Oral Esca
Sore Throat
Pledge Yourself
An All-Star Cast of 15
Sorority Pink
Welcome to Upsilon Sigma at Lost River College, the hottest sorority on 
the h
Sorority Pink
Upsilon Sigma at Lost River College is still the hottest sorority on any
Sorority Pink 2 - The Initiation
Year: 1985
Ever wonder how to break into the adult industry?
Year: 1976
If Martha Washington looked like luscious star Annette Haven, our hi
Spirit Of Seventy-Sex
Year: 1985
Santa comes more than once a year in this horny holiday spo
Spreading Joy
Eric Edwards
 owns one of the fastest hot rods in town, but without a driver he’s 
stuck.  Raysheena Mercado, a gorge
Stacey's Hot Rod
From the notorious VCX library comes the greatest Star Fuckers in porn 
history.  John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Amber Lynn,
Star Fuckers
Year: 1980
A young Japanese girl emigrates to the United States to seek work as
Star Of The Orient
Year: 1979
Kari Klark
 in one of her most provocative roles to date.  This new
Star Virgin
Starring John Holmes
 as the sophisticated, red-blooded, wheeling and dealing h
Year: 1973
A very obscure 1970's California XXX flick about a large gathering o
Strangers When We Mate
Year: 1981
"Sugar Britches" is a classic study in experimental classi
Sugar Britches
Year: 1979
Handsome production set on and around beautiful Lake Shasta.  A weal
Summer In Heat
Year: 1975
The sensual saga of radiant summer lust
Summer Of Laura
Year: 1979
THIS semester, all the teachers PET!<
Summer School
Year: 1978
Two delightful high school co-eds are determined that the last day a
Summertime Blue
SUPERCHARGER is the hard hitting, fast driving fuckfest full of speed 
and sex.  SUPERCHARGER breaks the rigid boundar
Year: 1986

They Tempt...
They Tease.
Supermodels Do L. A.
No one gets it on like the pros.  Let stunners like Kay Parker and Nina Hartley
 show you how in this all-hard, all-we
Superstars Of Porno Vol. 1
No one gets it on like the pros.  Stunners featuring Amber Lynn and Christy Canyon show you what fucking gorgeous beaut
Superstars Of Porno Vol. 2
Year: 1985
The summer heat sizzles in this Malibu moment under the sexy sun whe
Surfside Sex
Year: 1984
Surrender in Paradise  -- A throbbing adventure . . .
Surrender In Paradise
Year: 1990
The hot and exotic Suzanne St. Lorraine stars in Suzanne’s Grand 
Suzanne's Grand Affair
Year: 1984 
Winner of 3 Erotica Awards!
Suzie Superstar
Winner of 4 Erotica Awards!
Hustlers Highes
Suzie Superstar
Suzie Superstar - the Search Continues...First Shauna Grant, then Ginger
Suzie Superstar Vol. 02 - The Search Continues
She came to Hollywood like so many girls: beautiful, ripe, voluptuous, 
Suzie Superstar Vol. 03
The All Day Display Girls, the All Night Play Girls.

Shot o
Swedish Sorority Girls
Year: 1983
"A Tender, touching saga of love and lust...quite simply one of
Sweet Alice
Year: 1980
"A real fun movie"
"Good story and enterta
Sweet Cheeks
Year: 1982
"A Must-See for fans of the sultry Samantha Fox"
Sweet Surrender
Year: 1977
"A well-acted lushly produced erotic film feature – directed in
Sweet Taste Of Honey
The greatest cocksucker of the Golden Age... Sweet Throat
Sweet Throat
Year: 1983
Hyapatia Lee:
Sweet Young Foxes
Year: 1974 
Director: Don Trendall
Swinging Ski Girls
Ever wonder what really goes on in a college sorority house overflowing 
with the most beautiful, most high spirited a
Swinging Sorority
Year: 1978
7 faces, 7 appetites, 7 times the action... in the body of one woman
When two horny studs tire of the singles ads in the local newspaper they
 turn to the obituary page and decide to offe
Take Me Down
The Taking Of Christina is base
Taking Of Christina, The
Year: 1979
The sweetest scam of all...
Tracy, Debbie and Ginger are eager to find out what adult sex is all 
about. D
Taste Of Cherry, A
Year: 1983
"The odds are that Constance will be back in films...since her
Taste Of Money, A
Year: 1980 
Playboy, Hustler &amp; Oui centerfold, Serena stars in
Taste Of Sugar, A
Year: 1979
"In her first starring role, in Taxi Girls, Nancy (Sui
Taxi Girls
Angel by day... Whore by night
Teen Angel
Year: 1977
The first X-rated rock 'n roll movie ever made. "Teena
Teenage Cruisers
Year: 1972
Rene Bond
 stars in this classic film about the fantasies of today’
Teenage Fantasies
Year: 1976
Teenage Madam  - A Tale of Prescribed Sexual Therapy
Teenage Madam
Year: 1978
"One of the most significant adult movies eve
Teenage Twins
Year: 1979
That’s Erotic is erotic – and more!
That's Erotic
Year: 1983
Lusty Lisa DeLeeuw is featured in
That's My Daughter
Year: 1985
A new lesson on Playing "Cowboys &amp; Indians&quo
The Good, The Bad & The Horny
Starring Samantha Fox in the performance that won Best Actress.
This Lady Is A Tramp
Year: 1978
If you’re of the school that believes sex ought to be fun, you’re in
Thoroughly Amorous Amy
Four sex hungry whore wannabes in need of cash go to Madam Lovewhip for a
 crash course in pleasuring men.  Each comes
Three Cheers For B.J.U.
The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful.
Imagine Cindy’s surpris
Three Faces Of Angel
Year: 1976
A wild, sensuous romp with your favorite adult movie stars. The exci
Year: 1970
Genuine 1960's X-Rated Nost
Year: 1983
The Ultimate Tight End
A light hearted comedy that takes place at a ski resort where Kay Parker and Lynx Cannon play promiscuous nurses at the
Too Hot To Touch
Year: 1983
Her first time she was 18.
By the time she was 21, she ha
Too Much Too Soon (A Bit)
The most cunning make it to the top
Fred Kingsley (R Bolla)
Tower Of Power
Year: 1986
The Absolute Finest On Screen Film Appearances of John C. H
Tribute To The King - Vol. 1
Year: 1986
The absolute finest on screen film appearances of John C. H
Tribute To The King - Vol. 2
Year: 1986
The absolute finest on screen film appearances of John C. H
Tribute To The King - Vol. 3
Trinity Brown ...The sultriest fox in town

Trinity Brown
Year: 1979
Nominated for Best Classic at AVN<
Tropic Of Desire
Year: 1979
John Holmes
 stars in this Johnny Wadd detective classic. Holmes is
Tropic Of Passion
Year: 1988
The beauty of the islands, the scent of suntan oil, the breeze of th
Tropical Nights
Year: 1976
In a southern mill town, cousin Matilda, an oversexed young lady, vi
Trouble With Young Stuff, The
TWO AT ONCE is a must see for classic porn lovers... and all those who crave magn
Two At Once
For those who like to watch!
Used as a rendezvous for illicit
Two Way Mirror
Featuring the two greatest classic titles from the golden age of porn: &
Ultimate Classic Collection - Debbie & Devil
Year: 1986
Finding their male partners to be less than perfect, two girls desig
Ultimate Lover
Year: 1980
* * * *  Sizzling Scenes
Ultra Flesh

Arrogant Alexis Madison, is be
Untamed Passions
Year: 1979
" * * * *
Untamed, The
Over 3 hour of XXX viewing pleasures!
VCX Diamond Collection
Year: 2006
Rarely in the annals of porn moviedom has a single pair of tits insp
Very Best Of Desiree Cousteau, The
Celebrate the ultimate collection of porn's premier prick pounder!
Dorothy LeMay
 was a very hot
Very Best Of Dorothy LeMay, The
The Very Best Of... Kay Parker
Very Best Of Kay Parker, The
The Ultimate XXX Screen Queen
Seka - the name surely conjures up many decadent images of the adul
Very Best Of Seka, The
One of the true adult superstars of the Golden Age, pouty lipped Serena
 burst onto the scene in the 70's with a sexua
Very Best Of Serena, The
Year: 1983
"Victoria’s Secret Desires"<
Victoria's Secret Desires
Year: 1976
"Virgin Dreams’ stands out as one of Jean Jennings hottest perf
Virgin Dreams
A film in the style of "Emmanuelle", but with a raw passion of "The 
Story of O".  Clair has a pow
Visions Of Clair
It’s sin in the suburbs

Jesie St. James
 is the next in a
Vista Valley P.T.A.
Classic climaxes &amp; sensational cinematic copulations from the King!
Wadds Of Johnny
Year: 1980
Weekend Fantasy explores the e
Weekend Fantasy
Year: 1973
The odds are very favorable!
Weekend Roulette
Year: 1973
It's the neighborly thing to do...
Welcome Stranger
Year: 1980
From a deserted New England beach, we watch a woman in a dripping we
Wet Lady
Year: 1984
A virtual romp through the sex-soaked escapades of several summer lo
Wet, Wild & Wicked
Year: 1980
Vanessa Manchester has always been a swinger. One man was never enou
White Fire
Get ready for the greatest natural aphrodisiac you’ve ever tried…
Wild Oats
You couldn't ask for a more celebrated cast of adult performers than what this show offers! Join Seka, Annette Haven, A
Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me
7 Raunchy XXX Adult Cartoons

See the Classic Fables in a totally nasty version!
X-Rated Cartoons
Year: 1982
Youth has its advantages

Young & Innocent
Year: 1970
A lascivious look at lust &amp; libidos on the loose...
Young Love
Year: 1977
Grading on the Curves
Young Students
Year: 1980
A classic presentation indeed.  As the bus empties the students  for
Young, Wild & Wonderful
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