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Sissy's Hot Summer

But it on DVD

Sissy, Janet, and Jack's cozy sexual threesome becomes endangered by eviction when they fall behind in the rent, so they must hustle the only thing they know how do do for money. What follows is a comical account of their sexual endeavors. Along the way, Jack and Janet meet a rich, kindly socialite and a teenage hustler, while Sissy finds an eccentric playboy who thinks he's Tarzan (John Holmes) and lives out his fantasy in the trees with her. After a day filled with hot erotic escapades, these three roommates find enough money to pay the rent and more than enough new sensual tricks to keep their threesome hot for a long time!

Starring:Aubrey Nichols, Candida Royalle, Jesse Adams, John Holmes, Laurien Dominique, Lisa Loring, Mimi Morgan, Sharon Kane, Susan Nero
But it on DVD

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