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Kate & The Indians

But it on DVD

Year: 1979
Kate and the Indians is without a doubt the funniest adult movie ever made. Kay Parker is the High Priestess & Kandi Barbour makes everyone want to be an Indian just to be her playmate. Although funny, it still has an abundance of erotic, sensual scenes that would satisfy even the most ardent fans of erotica. Kate and her girlfriend Lisa, students of Professor Von Martin, have found a medallion in the desert. The puzzle of the medallion leads the professor and Kate into an untraveled wasteland, where they become lost and stranded. They are befriended by Bill, who guides them to the lost tribe where the two are captured by the funniest Indian since F-Troop. At this point, our heroine is forced to take part in the tribe's XXX ancient rituals. The professor saves the beautiful Kate, and the two live happily ever after. Kate & The Indians is a major breakthrough in adult entertainment.

Starring:Jennifer West, Kandi Barbour, Kay Parker, Luis De Jesus, Mike Ranger, RJ Reynolds
But it on DVD

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