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But it on DVD

Year: 1994

Nina Preta is a secret agent in New York City who seems to spend most of her time in bed with strapping suspects and soft, supple female friends. When she catches FBI agent Damien Cashmere sniffing around her apartment, she strips him down and subjects him to a thorough search. She doesn't find any secrets, but she does discover a pretty lethal weapon hiding out in his pants. Ron Jeremy is the bad guy here, and his performance, as ever, is laced with a memorable touch of humor which stands as a happy counterpoint to his legendary boinking abilities. Ron's partner in crime is Annette Heinz, and their scenes together are pure blue-movie magic. A sizzling spy romp with an all-star cast.

Available as VHS ONLY.

Starring:Annette Heinz, Damien Cashmere, Jeanna Fine, Nina Preta, Ron Jeremy
But it on DVD

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