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Year: 1980
Roommates is a totally unique film about three women who's lives become entwined as they share a N.Y. apartment. A landmark film, it takes us inside these woman's minds, hearts, and passions.
Roommates is Billie (Samantha Fox) an ex call girl, gambling everything she has to find a new life. Billie is finding that to get a second chance, she has to fight for it.
Roommates is Joan (Veronica Hart) fresh out of drama school and trying for Broadway. Young and naive, she's on her own for the first time, and growing up fast!
Roomates is... Sherry (Kelly Nichols) a beautiful California model about to discover N.Y.C. She's chasing every thrill, every high and moving closer to the edge. When she meets Joel (Jamie Gillis) Sherry finds she is fighting for her very life.
Roomates is... three women, three lives at the turning point.

"Top notch engrossing contemporary story of sex and the single girl...marked by frankness, humor and heart." -- Judith Christ
"A Sensual Erotic cocktail of a film. Director Vincent has drawn first-rate performances from very attractive and talented intelligent movie." -- Norma McLain Stoop, After Dark "'Roommates' is a very classy production. The direction, cinematography and editing are slick." -- Jim Wright, Bergen Record
"Stylish and...Sympathetic...Rare." -- Bruce Williamson, Playboy
"An Extremely well acted drama...uncensored...classy!" -- Variety
"A landmark motion picture." -- Show Business magazine

Starring:Adam DeHavent, Ashley Moore, Bobby Astyr, Gloria Leonard, Jack Wrangler, Jamie Gillis, Jerry Butler, Kelly Nichols, Merle Michaels, Peter Andrews, Ron Hudd, Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart
But it on DVD

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