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Oriental Blue

But it on DVD

Year: 1975
Girls with girls, girls with boys, some unexpected action, a few 3 ways & Kidnapping and white slavery at its most erotic wow- is it hot in here? Over 10 scenes of scorching nastiness!

Starring:Alan Marlow, Ashley Moore, Bobby Astyr, Bree Anthony, CJ Laing, Jamie Gillis, Juliet Graham, Kim Pope, Terri Hall, Tony Richards
But it on DVD

Other great thepornclassic titles.

Year: 1980 
Playboy, Hustler & Oui centerfold, Serena stars in
Taste Of Sugar, A

Year: 1986
Starring the original Bad Girl Shauna Grant
Bad Girls 4

A look at what really goes on in Washington!
Senator's Daughter, The

The life of every man is a diary ...
... a diary in which he
Daddy's Darling Daughters

Year: 1984
Hot Touch is a story for fantasy lovers.
Hot Touch
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