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Portrait Of An Affair

But it on DVD

Here is a love story like no other. Filmed in a lavish way (reminiscent of those high budget night-time evening soaps) it boadly reveals a sexual liaison between four passionate people.

The wife: a famous writer for magazines, who find mental and physcial gratification from her artistic lesbian girlfriend.

The husband: a man who appeases his sexual appetite with his wife in a most brutish way, which repells and yet excites her deeply.

The wife's lover: Her insatiable desire for sexual variety drives her to his door, begging him to fulfill her deepest desires.

Sensitive. Sensual. Unforgettable. Unmistakingly, Anthony Spinelli's POTRAIT OF AN AFFAIR.

Starring:Krista Lane, Mike Horner, Nina Hartley, Ona Zee, Robert Bullock
But it on DVD

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