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Inside Olinka

But it on DVD

A Dream Come True!

After years of being called "Marilyn", Evelyn finally threw in the towel and accepted the nickname. To her surprise, from that point on her sex life soared off the Richter scale. There are a few men who can resist the challenge of seducing and bedding this sensationally beautiful blonde bombshell.

Taking advantage of her newly found opportunities, "Marilyn" displays her tantalizing oral talents on a well-hung one night stand, then it's off to a photography session where some horny models make sure something delicious develops after everyone is exposed.

As "Marilyn's" outrageous odyssey continues, her millionaire boy-friend and a kinky hustler take her for more than just a spin in a new Rolls Royce. What follows is a sensuous and erotic excursion into the swing sex clubs of Europe. Holding nothing back, "Marilyn" proves to be a real superstar at a no holds barred orgy that finally gets to the core, INSIDE MARILYN.

But it on DVD

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