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Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #5

But it on DVD

Year: 1985
'Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #5.' It's black leather time in 'Caught In The Act.' Dominatrix Tantala shows Marilyn the "ropes" then gives the camera crew the "bondage business". In 'Police,' Marilyn calls in 2 "cocky" cops to put her fears of a prowler (along with herself) to BED!! Miss Chambers becomes a delicious present at an outrageous 'Bachelor Party.' Proving that she's everything she's cracked up to be, Marilyn (and eventually the bride!) get down and party-hearty with the young groom and his horny friends. Needless to say, everyone gets sent to the ceremony with a bang! And finally in 'Play My Song', Richard Pacheco stars as a disc jockey who gets his flute played by a talented, new throat. Guess whose?!

Starring:Amy Rogers, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Kevin James, Marilyn Chambers, Nick Random, Steve Drake, Tantala Ray
But it on DVD

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