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Eleven "11"

But it on DVD

Year: 1980


On a scale of one to ten, what would your perfect woman be?


We bring you the sizzling Brooke West, also starring in Fantasy. Richard longs for the perfect woman and goes to a doctor for help. While exploring his sexuality, he discovers Brooke, who shows that there's a lot more to being ten, after office hours. This exciting search for the perfect partner will lead you through a tangle of sexual variety and some of the most exciting ladies ever to appear on the adult scene, evidenced by the introduction of the spectacular Lewis Brothers discovery Dhaije Taan.

Would you say she's a flirt, shy, sexually aggressive, retiring, a harlot, a virgin? Yes!

Starring:Billy Dee, Bonnie Holiday, Brooke West, David Morris, Dhaije Taan, Jesse Adams, Jon Martin, Ken Scudder, Nikki Anderson, Susan Nero
But it on DVD

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