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Visions Of Jeannie

But it on DVD

Super-Natural Satisfaction

This well crafted sex-vid is a tale of the super-natural that features some super tail.  Tracey Adams plays a spacey clairvoyant who uses her Ouija board in wonderful, wanger-warming ways, including magically assuming the sexual personality of Summer Rose for a spunk-spattered encounter with Jay Serling, then topping herself when - simply by lifting her skirt and wiggling her snatch - she brings Tamara Longley back from the dead for the final out-of-this world orgy.  You don't need a crystal ball to see that Jeannie's visions will delight your dick.

Starring:Jay Serling, Jerry Butler, Kevin James, Nikki Charm, Nina Hartley, Summer Rose, Tamara Longley, Tracey Adams
But it on DVD

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