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Whatever Turns You On

But it on DVD

If it feels good, Do It!

It's all here! Everything and anything you ever wanted to see happens in WHATEVER TURNS YOU ON.  Herschel Savage & Frank James hang out at a topless bar and recount one torrid tale after another.  Frank recalls a wild encounter with a sexy surf freak (Nina Hartley) that's one wild ride.  Kowabunga baby!  Then, Herschel tells about the time he picked up a rich tart (Penny Morgan) who could only make love on the hood of a Bentley (no doubt her got her motor purring).  Plus you'll get to see a three-way fantasy , a hot girl-girl scene, and even Little Oral Annie shows up as a surprise guest star!  Who could ask for anything more!

Starring:Blondie, Frank James, Hershel Savage, K.C. Valentine, Krista Lane, Little Oral Annie, Mike Horner, Nina Hartley, Rachel Ryan, Terry Lloyd, Tony Montana
But it on DVD

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