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Swinging In The Rain

But it on DVD

Year: 1997

What A Glorious Feeling!


Hollywood, California

The Horny Brothers have just released the first adult "talkie" entitled "The Jazz Swinger"! Now, in order to compete in the dirty movie biz, ParaMounds Dirty Pictures will have their top director Cecil B. DeBalls turns his next blue movie into an ALL SINGING, ALL DANCING, ALL SCREWING, sexual extravaganza! It will star the studio's hottest silent movie sex team, Gina Lamont and Don Lockwood, now to be heard as well as seen! It can't miss...or can it? "Swinging In The Rain" is a musical sex movie about the making of a musical sex movie! Every member of the cast sings as well as screws!

Shot in Hollywood, California

Starring:Alex Dane, Brittany Andrews, Joel Lawrence, Michael J. Cox, Mike Horner, Nicole London, Nikki Sinn, Steve Austin
But it on DVD

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