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Dirty Little Adult Cartoons Vol. 4

But it on DVD

More Of The Worlds Finest Filthiest Hand-Animated Cartoons!

They're Fun,
They're Sexy,
They're Outrageous!

Here we go again as we venture into a world of adult humor, the likes of which you've never seen before! When these folks get-to-`goin`, it's the zaniest and horniest sex situations ever imagined!
You'll laugh your fanny off as you watch the antics of these high quality, hand-animated cartoons. They star the voices of your favorite sex actors and are all in full brilliant color. So get ready to yell 'uncle' as these 'toons' give your funny-bone a real workout in Volume Four!

With the Voices of Keisha, Nikki Charm, Erica Boyer, Paul Thomas and that's not all folks!

Starring:Erica Boyer, Keisha, Nikki Charm, Paul Thomas
But it on DVD

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