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Dirty Little Adult Cartoons Vol. 2

But it on DVD

More Of The Worlds Finest Filthiest Hand-Animated Cartoons!

They're Fun,
They're Sexy,
They're Outrageous!

If you thought Volume One was funny, then just wait till you see this one. We proudly present to you the ultimate in quality, hand animated, never before available on video "toons"!
They're chock-full of the raunchiest, absolutely outrageous sex ever to be conceived! You'll meet "Zizi" the horniest little elf. You'll encounter the nastiest bunch of vampires who suck more than just necks. It's all in color and stars the voices (Moans and groans) of your favorite sex stars -- So cook up some popcorn, turn on the set and get ready for a night of sidesplitting adult hilarity!
With the Voices of Cara Lott, Sheri St. Claire, Susan Hart and Eric Edwards, and that's not all folks!
Starring:Cara Lott, Eric Edwards, Sheri St. Claire, Susan Hart
But it on DVD

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