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Behind The Green Door, The Sequel

But it on DVD

Year: 1986
The Mitchell Brothers invite you on a voyage beyond the realm of the ordinary - into a new dream of eroticism.

Once again a woman transforms her everyday existence into an irresistible private fantasy of the most bizarre, sensual and electrifying kind!

Dwarfs, fat ladies, bearded ladies, muscle men - no character type too strange or too bizarre. Combine them with a tantalizing story, sizzling action, beautiful women... and you've got a winner!

The Sequel brings to full force the dynamic eroticism latent in a woman's fantasy presented in a form unsurpassed by anything the screen has yet experienced!

Mitchell Brothers Film Group has addressed today's concerns for the safety of their talent and the population at large by making this production the first "safe sex" film ever in the adult industry.

From the Mainstream Erotic Press
Playboy Magazine takes note of Mitchell Brothers' efforts in this area, and while lauding these actions as showing that "there's life in the erotic film industry after all...!," also praises the overall film with the recognition that the film ultimately makes "safe sex sexy!"


Starring:Candi, Erica Idol, Fallon, Jack Wrangler, Marilyn Chambers, Rita Ricardo, Susan Wilde
But it on DVD

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