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Woman in Pink, The

But it on DVD

"... She's the erotic fantasy of the year ... and this is the sexual hit of the decade...!"

Sexy Christy Canyon is "The Woman in Pink", from the opening pink dress floating upward, like the famous Marilyn Monroe scene, until this delightful tease-dance continues as background for the closing credits at the end.  In this movie, Christy is married to Tom Byron, a successful young office-worker who is about to have a birthday.  Tom shoul dhave been happy with his marital status, but is restless, and his buddies urge him to add a little spice, have a fling.  The plot revolves about what happens in Tom's life.  The highlight of this film is Christy Canyon and Tom Byron's first love scene together - a pairing that would repeat itself many more times throughout the years.  A superb and nasty little film with superstars Jessica Wylde, Heather Wayne and Stacey Donovan also in fine form!

Starring:Christy Canyon, Heather Wayne, Jessica Wylde, Marc Wallice, Stacey Donovan, Steve Drake, Tom Byron
But it on DVD

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