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Purely Physical

But it on DVD

Year: 1982
Kathy Harrington (Laura Lazare) is a junior at Bristol State University pursuing a degree in journalism. She applies for and gets a job as a night clerk in a motel to earn extra money and gather material for her writing. Through Kathy's wandering eyes, the audience can explore the physical pleasures of those who pass through the motel doors. At times even Kathy is tempted to succumb to a moment of heated passion but her strict Ohio upbringing will not allow her to respond. And so the stage is set for PURELY PHYSICAL, a film that captures people overpowered by the feeling of a sudden wanting, an out-of-the-way motel and the press of time that makes love so intense.

Starring:Eric Stein, Jade Wong, Joey Silvera, Juliet Anderson, Laura Lazare, Michael Morrison, Nicole Black, Phaery Bird, Tigr
But it on DVD

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