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Physical Attraction

But it on DVD

A naughty little gem - Shauna McCollough is simply irresistible"

- Adam Film World

Playing a prostitute, Shanna McCullough doesn't like her work, which is presented in a very non-erotic manner: it's just a job. Her real passion is for running. She meets track coach David Cannon, who eventually recruits her for his team and the Olympic trials.

Her vie for Olympic gold is complete with a cast of horny players, athletes, trainers and supporters of the team! After her training is finished, Shauna becomes a world-class sexual athlete going for the gold & more!

Starring:Blake Palmer, Bunny Bleu, Craig Roberts, David Cannon, Frank James, Greg Derek, Lisa Lake, Pamela Mann, Paul Thomas, Shanna McCullough, Valerie Love
But it on DVD

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