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Tongue 'n Cheek

But it on DVD

It's a high-tech, lowdown look at  everybody's favorite subject: SEX!

Can four horny studs find happiness by enrolling the a College of Sexual Knowledge?  They can if the "head mistress" is the luscious Tanya Lords, and their "oral" hygiene teacher is the outrageous Barbie Dahl.  One fo the students, Rod Retta, takes a crash course in foreign affairs, taught by the sexy Kim Wilde, a sigma cum loudly graduate if there ever was one!  Joey Santini gets a French lesson from Yvette DuMal and shows her some typically American Exercises for the tongue!  Everyone decides to take the "Greek" class, entering through the rear door, of course!  Who will graduate and will be forced to attend night school, where discipline is strict for those who fail to "measure up"?

Starring:Ashley Moore, Barbara Dare, Barbie Dahl, David Christopher, Joe Santino
But it on DVD

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