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Sex Drive

But it on DVD

Year: 1985

"Sex Drive" takes place in a rural town at a small highway truck stop, the "Drive-In". The dinettes: Rita Jo, Jeanie and Patty Ann and the "pump boys": Rusty, Peter and Abel are disinterested in their work until the neon sign goes on the blink and starts flashing "Sex Drive." Their work pace becomes frenzied as they lustily try to satisfy their hungry customers' needs. Now tractor trailer drivers and other rugged patrons can choose from a more exciting menu - that includes the dinettes as everyday's special. If the diner is empty, the dinettes and pump boys "cook" together. The thrills and action are non-stop as Chuck Vincent redefines the small-town sexual urge!

Starring:Buck Adams, Melanie Scott, Michael Knight, Robert Bullock, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Sheer Delight, Sheri St. Claire, Taija Rae
But it on DVD

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