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But it on DVD

Year: 1986

She's your hottest dream come True!

Two militant extraterrestrials on an advance scouting mission land on Earth. Coming to New York, they are immediately discovered by Doctor Louise Terov, who has been fitted with an IUDDA (Inter-Uterine Device for the Detection of Aliens). To combat this threat from space, Louise enlists the aid of her friend, Doctor Millicent Harvey.

Millicent is also fitted with the device, which keeps the wearer in constant state of sexual agitation while near Aliens. Since they live directly above the aliens they are monitoring, they are ready for any and all passing males, or even each other!

When the Aliens, Dart Laidher and Princess Orgasma discover they are being monitored, they strike back by getting even closer to the women and finally having sex with them. Louise and Millicent are overwhelmed by the sexual prowess of Dart.

Once Dart and Princess Orgasma learn the secret of the monitoring device they prepare to leave for their own galaxy with the new found military secret. Louise distracts them with a sexual adventure while Millicent locates and destroys the alien space vehicle, thus keeping the extraterrestrials earthbound to the sexual pleasure of all.

Bonus Features:
Classic Trailers
Vintage 35mm Slideshow
VXP Demo
Ron Jeremy Interview

Starring:Bobby Spector, Eric Monti, Jeanna Fine, Max DeLong, Michael Knight, Nina Preta, Siobhan Hunter
But it on DVD

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