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Maraschino Cherry Platinum Edition

But it on DVD

Digitally Remastered from the Original 35 MM Film

"Best Erotic Film of All Time"!

Considered by many to be the greatest director of adult films, Henry Paris (aka Radley Metzger) rewrote the history of the genre with his series of five films in the mid 1970's (The Opening Of Misty Beethoven, Naked Came The Stranger, Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann, and Barbara Broadcast) ‘Maraschino Cherry' - his final swan song to the genre - is a sparkling example of what made him famous; decadent settings, beautiful people, humorous dialogue - and sizzling eroticism of the highest order.

Featuring an amazing who's who of New York's best -loved adult film stars from the 1970s (Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, C.J. Laing, Constance Money, Suzanne McBain, Jenny Baxter, Wade Nichols, Eric Edwards), this Collector's Edition includes an extensive new interview with its star, the legendary Gloria Leonard, amazing stills recently unearthed from the vaults and never seen before, and a color booklet written by adult film historian Benson Hurst.

Digitally remastered from the original 35 MM negative, Video-X-Pix is proud to present ‘Maraschino Cherry' in a brand new, 2 disc collector's edition. A must have for any serious collector of golden age material.

"Stunning!" This new print raises the bar for al classic adult films.

2 Disc Collector's Edition

Disc 1 (Feature Disc):

  • Full Length 35 MM theatrical version of "Maraschino Cherry"
  • Short question & answer with Gloria Leonard
  • Video-X-Pix "Trailers from the Vault"
  • Video-X-Pix "35 MM Vintage Slideshow"

Disc 2 (Bonus Disc):

  • Original theatrical release trailer for "Maraschino Cherry"
  • Studio Interview with the legendary Gloria Leonard
  • 2 Bonus Scenes starring Gloria Leonard
  • Slide Gallery from the Motion Picture
  • Audio Clip - "Inventor of Phone Sex, Gloria Leonard's Answering Machine Message"

Rare Collectors Included:

  • 8 Page color booklet with liner notes by Adult Film Historian, Benson Hurst.
  • A 35 MM strip cut from an actual print of Maraschino Cherry.

The Story:

Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world's oldest profession.

Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients — all the traditional forms of sex. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons, is what adult film is all about.

Later, she moves on to such lessons as the proper binding and beating techniques for clients who prefer their pleasures with a touch of S&M.; A well-done tribute to bought pleasure in all of its forms.

Starring:Alan Marlow, Annette Haven, CJ Laing, Clea Carson, Constance Money, Eric Edwards, Erica Havens, Gloria Leonard, Jenny Baxter, Leslie Bovee, Marc Valentine, Michael Gaunt, Peter Andrews, Suzanne McBain, Wade Nichols
But it on DVD

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