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Gorgeous Blondes From The Golden Age Of Porn 1

But it on DVD

Function: Noun
1 : A person having blonde hair usually a light complexion with blue or grey eyes.
2 : A light yellowish brown to dark grayish yellow.

Blondes have always been special, especially throughout adult cinema history. Many of us believe that blondes do have more fun. This DVD proves it. Gorgeous Blondes From The Golden Age Of Porn 1 features the hottest blondes from classic adult cinema, including Seka (the true platinum princess), Jennifer Welles (the mature blonde), Amber Lynn and Gina Carrera (the hot blonde sluts), Susanna Britton (the blonde goddess), and Heather Young (the innocent blonde virgin type) - uh, YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Bonus Features:
Ron Jeremy Interview
Classic Sideshow
Vintage Blonde Movie Trailers

Starring:Amber Lynn, Danielle, Gina Carrera, Heather Young, Jennifer Welles, Seka, Susana Britton
But it on DVD

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