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Dirty Lilly

But it on DVD

Once upon a time, a little girl grew up to be a very stacked young lady...When Lilly, called Dirty Lilly by her friends, got too big and too hot for her mother to handle she was thrown out into the world on her own. So begins her search for her Daddy and her first stop is Daddy's lawyer. Following some office fun, the lawyer sends Lilly to the set of a porno film where Daddy was seen last. Mistaken for the star, Lilly plays her part with gusto and is given the next clue to Daddy's whereabouts by the director who steers her to Daddy's mistress, Ginger. Ginger and Lilly romp together including an interlude with a kinky muscleman. Lilly finds her Daddy....much to her surprise.

Starring:Beth Anna, CJ Laing, David Ruby, Eric Edwards, Marlene Willoughby, R Bolla, Sharon Mitchell
But it on DVD

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