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Bedroom Thighs

But it on DVD

Year: 1986
Deb (Siobahn Hunter) and Jane (Danielle) are 2 big city women who need a place to live out their fantasies, a place to suck and f**k. So Jane signs a lease on a cozy love nest downtown and the sex odyssey begins.
Deb and Jane move in together and initially make hot love with each other. Deb pays close attention to Jane's hot pussy and aggressively sucks her cherry pink clit!
Reggie arrives and joins in on the fun with Jane. While he sucks on Jane's soaking wet pussy, she asks "is it warm in there?", referring to the temperature of her hot hole.
Jane then leaves Deb to get it on and she wastes no time at all. Hot oral sex is her expertise, and she ends up with her tits being glazed with hot man juice!
The entire movie is filled with hot sex, scene after scene, as Deb and Jane fulfill there sexual needs and urges. Siobahn Hunter and Danielle are totally hot and they f**k like rabbits in this 80's classic!

Starring:Carol Cross, Danielle, Michael Knight, Siobhan Hunter
But it on DVD

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