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John Holmes Trilogy

But it on DVD

A John Holmes triple feature. The Johnny Wadd "Private Dick" adventure trilogy,when it came to the sex, these 1970's adult- flick spy spoofs were flat out HOT! These are the films that cults are made of! Restored. Remastered. Reborn on DVD! Starring an army of original porn ladies including Seka and more. John Holmes is the ultra cool, all original, flashback spy. Shagging all the way, as a super foxy babe hires him to find her long-lost missing brother in THE JADE PUSSYCAT.
In THE CHINA CAT,a trio of female detectives go undercover to get their hands on a priceless Jade statuette.
And finally, Seka, Jesie St. James and South Africa set the backdrop as Holmes hunts a 4 million dollar rock in BLONDE FIRE.

Starring:Bonnie Holiday, Eileen Wells, Georgina Spelvin, James Price, Jesie St. James, John Holmes, Kitty Shayne, Kyoto Sunn, Linda Wong, Seka
But it on DVD

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