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Private Moments

But it on DVD

When fantasy and reality come together...

"Sophisticated, witty and scorchingly sexy! The action is wicked and non-stop!!!"
- Gent Magazine
"Private Moments is nasty! It will feed your fantasies!!! Janney Robbins out swallows Lovelace."
Blue Movie Expose Magazine
"...this picture should only be seen in the privacy of your own home"
- Benny Moore

Three horny lawyers and their wives, all who have sex drives more active than Mt. St. Helens, meet regularly for dinner. As the men toss idle legal banter at each other, the wives slip into vivid and very erotic fantasies.

Sandy (Janney Robbins) dressed in provocative tiger underwear, fantasizes cornering her husband's colleague (Eric Edwards). As their animal instincts ignite, she gets on her knees and does the sex act that made Linda Lovelace a household word.

Returning to the dinner party, Beverly (Laura Lazarre) pretends to lose a contact lens in order to get under the table. Once there, she crawls over to her husband's best friend Michael (Jon Martin) and finds a fleshy lollipop, which quickly turns into an organic Old Faithful.

The third wife, Gail (Honey Wilder), dreams up an erotic game show. About hip-high on a wall are three holes. Through each appears a mystery cock, one of which belongs to her hubby Carl (Hershel Savage). With her own eager mouth, she tried each of the organs until, she guesses which one she's married to.

After the sumptuous meal and orgy of erotic dreams, the couples all go home. Beverly dresses up as a female vampire, teasing her spouse into an erotic frenzy. Gail slips into a sexy nightgown for Carl, luring him into bed for some hot and heavy lovemaking. Sandy snatches her mate's law book out from under his eyes, then zips open his fly for a graphic explosion of oral sex that quickly turns into a volcanic love match.

Even with the sex-packed evening, the wives' lusty imaginations continue to work at break-neck speed. Beverly dreams about making it on a stage with a rock n' roll singer. Gail seduces a lonely jogger on the beach. And Sandy takes a wicked, imaginary trip into an adult bookstore resulting in a three-way love feast so electrifying that it could easily light up Las Vegas.

Never before has such potent and uninhibited sexual fantasies been combined with charming characters, witty dialogue, elegant photography, and incredibly sensual young ladies for a tour de force of sensational and very erotic entertainment.

Starring:Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Eric Edwards, Hershel Savage, Honey Wilder, Janey Robbins, Jesse Adams, Jon Martin, Laura Lazare, Tom Byron
But it on DVD

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