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Taboo 06

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Year: 1988

Taboo 6 - The Obsession Starring Nina Hartley

Kirdy Stevens brings you the sixth in the series of the most successful and critically acclaimed adult movies ever made. Hustler calls him The King.

This time, the subject is twins. Doreen (Nina Hartley) has an overpowering sexual obsession for a fantasy lover. She feels what he feels, lust when he lusts, and is consumed with desire for him.

On the advice of her friend Taffy (Gina Gianetti), Doreen, who is a successful daytime soap star, visits a psychic, Natasha (the sensual Krista Lane). Doreen doesn't believe in psychic mumbo jumbo, but she goes because her marriage to Roger (Scott Irish) is falling apart. During the reading, Natasha unlocks Doreen's innermost secret, the lust she has for her twin brother, Dalton (Joey Silvera). Doreen is stunned with these revelations and realizes she must go to her brother.

Arriving at his mountain cabin, Doreen deliberately schemes to break up the relationship between Dalton and his fiance, Michelle (played by delectable Brittany Morgan). Natasha arranges a seance with Doreen, Dalton, and Michelle. With her psychic powers at their peak, Natasha unleashes a vortex of sexuality that explodes on the screen in scorching intensity, in the classic Taboo tradition.

Starring:Alicia Monet, Britt Morgan, Frank James, Gina Gianetti, Joey Silvera, Krista Lane, Nina Hartley, Scott Irish, Tiffany Storm
But it on DVD

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