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Ultimate Classic Collection - Debbie & Devil

But it on DVD

Featuring the two greatest classic titles from the golden age of porn: "Debbie Does Dallas" and "The Devil In Miss Jones", this specially packaged two-disc collector's boxed set is just loaded with bonus features, including over 20 minutes of classic theatrical trailers per disc and Spanish audio tracks on both features!
Digitally re-mastered & restored. Previously deleted footage included!

Disc 1 Debbie Does Dallas
Director: Jim Clark
Starring: Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake, Misty Winter, Robyn Byrd, Pat Allure, Paula Head and R. Bolla
Year: 1978
Debbie and her young cheerleader friends, portrayed by the fresh new faces on the X-rated screen, are faced with a dilemma: Debbie's vibrant sensuality has earned her a coveted place with the Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. A trip to Dallas is expensive however, and college students don't often have that kind of money. As the action moves to the showers, a plan is formed....
The eight dazzling cheerleaders will all go to Dallas and to afford it, they have formed Team Services, an organization dedicated to serving their clients with total satisfaction....for a price. Profits roll in, but it is Debbie who really saves the day.
The part of Debbie is played by newcomer Bambi Woods, and THIS movie went on to become THE most memorable adult classic ever filmed!

One of the all-time best sellers on video. A classic combining a fantasy setting with some very intense and graphic sex action"

-Adam Film World's Directory of Adult Films

Disc 2 The Devil In Miss Jones
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, Erica Havens
Director: Gerard Damiano
Year: 1972

Spelvin seems perfectly cast as Damiano's Jones, a prim, plain-looking, gap-toothed spinster, who's quickly transformed into a horny little tramp just begging for more and more! The devil, dressed in a black polo shirt, is a cheerful, understanding character, not unlike the dean of some small liberal arts college. Somewhat more diabolical is Harry Reems' Teacher, with his leering eyes and bejeweled fingers. The sordid escapades of this curious threesome have spawned five major sequels.
This story of a frustrated spinster who is put in touch with her inner sexual depravity - now appears as a seminal movie in the dusty annals of classic erotica.

One of the greatest adult films ever made and a lesson in erotic storytelling.
"One of the ALL-TIME Erotic Masterpieces"

- Hustler

XRCO Hall of Fame Inductee

Starring:Arcadia Lake, Bambi Woods, David Pierce, Erica Havens, Georgette Saunders, Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, Jenny Cole, Marc Stevens, Misty Winter, Paula Head, R Bolla, Rikki O'Neal, Robin Byrd, Tony Mansfield
But it on DVD

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