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Taste of Paradise

But it on DVD

Join Me For A Delicious Forbidden Pleasure

Year: 2001
Welcome to Paradise. As Chet & his wife Evelyn (Peter North, Stevie Taylor) move into their own "Garden Of Eden", the snakes are already coming out of the grass. Luke (Ron Jeremy) seduces Evelyn into a slippery sexual indiscretion. But with the help of exotic Kristara Barrington and the lusty Misty Reagen, Chet is tasting some delicious forbidden fruits of his own!

The sexual feasting is non-stop until we come breathlessly to the ironic climax.  Everyone enjoys their own forbidden pleasures and in Taste of Paradise, getting there is all the fun!!!

Starring:Francois Papillion, Kristara Barrington, Misty Regan, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Stevie Taylor
But it on DVD

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